The Fast, the Fraudulent & the Fatal




“This comprehensive Investigator’s Guide was written by Mike Bender to assist law enforcement, insurance carriers, and community leaders in stopping the damage caused by the underground sport compact scene. Written as a textbook/training manual to Identify, Investigate, Detect and Deter related Auto Theft and Fraud.
Over a decade of hands-on investigative experience specifically addressing auto theft and fraud as it relates to the most stolen vehicles on everyone’s top ten list.
Every Investigator who implements the principles in this book will not only STOP auto crimes, theft, fraud and protect property, but SAVE LIVES. As an added bonus, insurance companies will prevent millions of dollars from being spent on fraudulent claims. Examine years of hands-on real stories of theft, fraud and the Fast and Fraudulent scene and what can be done to identify problem areas; recover stolen vehicles and parts; identify fraud; save lives; prevent injuries, theft, fraud, and protect property.
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