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VINtrack Web Service




If you investigate, inspect, or buy vehicles, you need VINtrack

VINtrack is the only web-based software that can catch Counterfeit, Cloned, or Stolen vehicles that other databases can't! Just log into VINtrack, scan with our laser barcode VIN scanners, and view the data instantly as pictured below.

Screenshot from VINtrack WebService: Decodes VIN, Checks for Counterfeiting and Fraudulent VIN's and Federal Safety Labels, and checks for Active Liens!

VIN scan lien

VINtrack-Webservice allows you to scan directly into our website and decode the VIN while checking for VIN validity, counterfeiting, and if there are any current liens on the vehicle. View above screen shot for details.

VINtrack webservice renewal or Purchase is $375.00 per year.

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 What is VINtrack

With one scan, VINtrack instantaneously checks a database of over 70 vehicle models over a 20 year period. This database is the heart of VINtrack in identifying stolen vehicles and clones in over 1000 different ways.  The full VIN decode allows for additional checks on Windows Mobile devices (PDAs).

VINtrack has special prompts for the user to assist in verifying that the vehicle is proper or if it may be stolen.

*VINtrack Qualified:
-Qualified customers include: Law enforcement, insurance companies, auction companies, motor vehicle departments, automobile dealerships, FBI, United States and Canadian Customs, NICB, salvage companies, auto theft task forces and others involved in auto theft and fraud prevention and detection. If you are not sure if you qualify, contact or email us by clicking here.

Purchase VINtrack:
-If qualified, VINtrack comes loaded onto your Mobile device occupying an open SD or CF slot. It can be purchased separately starting at $499.00 by clicking here. Contact us for additional info.

VINtrackô systems are used for Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN), and bar-coded components, drivers licenses, and titles, using 1D and 2D PDF417 barcodes. Systems include laser scanners, data collectors, On Board Diagnostics tools (OBD-II) and software. Homeland Security is enhanced by utilizing VINtrack systems.

Contact us any time (888) 724-2597, (760) 438-9783, or  contact us at by clicking here.

Quotes from VINtrack users: "VINtrack is an invaluable tool", "This is the best system we have ever used", "We recovered a stolen vehicle within the first week of use", "Their support is awesome", "This was some of the best training we have ever received", "We tried many other scanners and their systems and support were the best".

*Prices subject to change without notice.

To download an information sheet click here.

NOTE: We are value added solution providers. Please contact us if you have different needs as we do not list all of our solutions on this web site.

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Socket Mobile Increases Deployments of Cordless Hand Scanner for Stolen Vehicle Tracking ~ Extends partnership with Bender Enterprises to meet growing demand for vehicle theft detection solution, Read Press Release. (Click here if link is bad)



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