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VINtrack EZ OBD 2013 (Item #EZOBD)

This OBD VIN CAN reader displays the full VIN on one line as well as displays DTC definitions on screen. EZOBD can access multiple modules to find the VIN (such as Ford/Mazda). It also solves the LINK ERROR or VIN communication problems other readers have with Honda/Acura/VW and will pull VINs that others can't. One-Click I/M Readiness Key, TFT color display, and built in speaker. Work with ALL 1996 and newer vehicles (OBD II, EOBD, & CAN) domestic and import. State Emission Monitor Status for I/M readiness to show if monitors have passed for Drive Clean Programs. Complete manual click here

VINtrack users guide, OBD manual, USB connector for free online updates, and free DTC Library software included. It is powered by the vehicle which assists in determining if there are any blown fuses on first inspection.

With all purchase from us you will receive unlimited free technical support.

Read more about the EZOBD VIN reader and its limits by clicking here. 

Just wanted to tell you that Detective Matt let me use one of your OBD readers today to assist me in identifying a stolen/recovered vehicle.  One use of this tool and I was sold, and I purchased one this evening. 

Shipping times vary from 5-10 days, If time is critical, contact us first.

Canadian Orders Click Below to Purchase
One Click State Emission Monitor Status for I/M readiness to show if monitors have passed for Drive Clean Programs.

Shipping to Canada costs an additional $36.99 for a total of $96.94


Do you need live online data while inspecting a vehicle? Car buyers, dealerships, auction houses, insurance adjusters, and law enforcement rely on our systems.

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GigglePop Screen shot; BB data

Watch Video 

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Comes with everything you need

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Manheim MMR VIN scanner

According to NADA each year, millions of vehicles are totaled and thousands of wrecked, flooded, or stolen vehicles are sold without proper disclosure of their history or true condition. Know what you are buying.


windows mobile 6.5
Easy touch and scroll icons


Free VIN scanner Leather Case


Mike Bender Auto Theft Expert & Stolen Vehicle Expert


QWERTY or Numeric keypad

vin_barcode_scanner Video

Our laser scanners are not dependant on lighting and position like phone scanners such as Android and iPhone VIN applications are. (However we do have VIN laser scanners that work with Blackberry, Android, and iPhone) VINtrack Law Enforcement click here.

You buy and own the VINtrack-Live Smartphone with integrated laser barcode VIN scanner, and only pay for the valuation guidebook you currently use. With companies like Gigglepop you also get their Auction Run List and Title History. If you don't need the convenience of Gigglepop and already have online accounts with your guidebooks, you can just log into them from the field and scan the VIN into their prompt.

VINtrack arrives charged and ready to scan and book cars (based on your guidebook accounts), saving you time and money at the auction and later.

VINtrack-Live for car buyers and dealerships is the newest and best barcode VIN scanner for accessing VIN data and determining the value of a car via NADA, CarFax, AutoCheck, KBB, BlackBook, or your in-house systems. VINtrack-Live for law enforcement includes VINtrack software, click here for law enforcement.

VINtrack-Live Dealership Version is just $849.00* ($1,395 MSRP)

Many VIN scanners currently being sold by several other companies were last made in 2008 and have been discontinued.

This rugged (IP64 5' drop to concrete) Business Class SmartPhone VIN Scanner, with built-in 3.2 megapixel color camera, can connect directly to any service you subscribe to. You can also send scanned data to your enterprise network or business platform by multiple communication features, while you are at an auction or in the field. Current vehicle histories in seconds; while you are looking at the car. Scan the VIN and watch it appear in your program. Serious Equipment for the Serious Buyer Watch Video and view specs. This is a high-performance Windows Mobile 6.5 business mobile SmartPhone with an integrated true laser barcode VIN scanner (great for GM VINs through glass and bright sunlight use), a QWERTY keypad and multiple modes of wireless communication (GPRS/EDGE/3G/3.5G, WiFi and Bluetooth).

We can program the system to work for your needs. The VIN is captured in the correct format for online systems and requires no extra steps to format it like other systems do (we take care of the extra characters). VINtrack-Live is not dependant on lighting conditions and is lightening fast compared to built-in phone camera scanners.

We provide unlimited free technical support, as we have for all our satisfied customers for the last 15 years.

*Besides your current subscriptions or qualifying phone plan, there are no additional monthly fees, charges, or contracts. If you want Internet access in the field (other than WiFi or MiFi via 802.11), then you need an AT&T or T-Mobile account SIM card to go online. You also need your own valuation accounts such as CarFax if desired. Since this is also a smart phone you can replace your current phone, swap SIM cards if your plan supports it, or use it as a stand alone data center. (AT&T has a $35.00 per month data plan).

Click Here for the Specs and more information. Watch Video

Buy VINtrack-Live for car buyers and dealerships now for just $849.00 plus shipping (Item #VLIVED) Contact us first if you are outside the US for pricing; $849.00


Contact us first if you are outside the US for pricing. Shipping times are approximately 10 business days, If time is critical, contact us first.

Sites such as Manheim, KBB, AutoTrader, and BlackBook Mobile Xpress work well with small screens such as this. Other sites such as CarFax and AutoCheck have full regular size screens. In those cases the Opera mini browser provided works well with those. For the smoothest use services such as GigglePop allow you to scan the VIN once and bring the data direct to the screen in an easy to read format pictured below. You can also automatically run CarFax or AutoCheck at the same time with the GigglePop solution:
Watch Video

opticon h21

Click Here for the Specs and more information

To View a Video of VINtrack scanning Click Here


Watch Video

Buy VINtrack-Live now for just $849 plus shipping (Item #VLIVE)
Contact us first if you are outside the US



Watch Video and view specs by clicking here

If you don't currently have accounts with valuation companies consider GigglePop as a resource. Their pricing can be found at: at the bottom of the page. We can pre configure and load their software for you before shipping.

*Contact us if you have questions or need setup assistance (760) 438-9783; all sales final, no returns. 2 year limited warranty on parts and labor.

Don't get stung buying a stolen, enhance your system with VINtrack



VINtrack Web Service




VINtrack-Webservice allows you to scan directly into our website and decode the VIN while checking for VIN validity, counterfeiting, and if there are any current liens on the vehicle.

View above screen shot for details.

VINtrack webservice renewal or Purchase is $375.00 per year.

(item #VINweb)

Scan barcode VINs into your PC, Blackberry, iPhone (OS4) iPad, Android...



All products come with our unlimited free technical support.





vin scanner Optional Cradle


Bluetooth Laser Scanner 2D/1D (Item #BT2D1D)
Bluetooth Laser Scanner 1D (Item #BT1D)


Scan wirelessly into any SPP or HID Bluetooth enabled Windows XP PC or Apple iPAD. You can scan directly into NCIC, NICB, ISO, in-house database or your stolen vehicle system to check for stolen vehicle or claims status if your agency is running Windows XP to access the data. This includes lanyard and retractable clip.

If you current system is not Bluetooth enabled order the below USB Bluetooth device and you can have a scanning range of up to 300'.

(If you don't need 2D scanning order (Item #BT1D). The 1D scanner is a little more aggressive and easier to scan). For more information on 2D scanning click here


For the 1D2D combo; (Item #BT2D1D)
Shipping times vary from 5-10 days, If time is critical, contact us first.


For the 1D only scanner (more aggressive but won't read 2D or work with Apple) use (Item #BT1D)


Shipping times vary from 5-10 days, If time is critical, contact us first.
All sales final, no returns. Warranties apply.†††††††††††††††† ††††††††

Both the 2D and 1D scanners support the below HID and SPP protocols

* Apple iOS 3 (iPad), iOS 4 (iPhone/iPod touch), Mac OS X 10.4 to 10.6.4 (iMac/MacBook)
* Windows Mobile, 7, Vista, XP
* Symbian OS for Nokia E71 (Symbian OS 9.1 or later)

* Windows Mobile 6 Classic/Professional
* Windows Mobile 2003 / 2003SE / 5.0 for Pocket PC / Pocket PC Phone Edition
* Windows CE.NET for Intermec CK3
* Windows 7, Vista, XP
* Palm OS for Treo, Pre
* RIM BlackBerry OS for series: Bold 9000, 9600, 9700; Curve 8200, 8300, 8500; Pearl 8100; Storm 9500; Tour 9600
* Symbian OS for Nokia E71, E61, E61i (Symbian OS 9.1 or later)

If Outside the U.S. Contact Us

Ask us if it will work with your mobile or smart phones.

Bluetooth Charging Cradle (Item #BTC) $84.99*

This device comes with a line cord charger. Available as an option is a charging cradle for this Bluetooth scanner.


If Outside the U.S. Contact Us

Automotive Dealership and Auction Purchase Protection from Clones and Stolen Vehicles.

Many dealerships have been stung by unknowingly purchasing and selling stolen and cloned vehicles. They have had to pay out hundreds of thousands of dollars and lost valuable customers.

Don't become the next story. VINtrack can protect you from most of these scams. Click here for the most recent news story.

*  All sales final, no returns. Warranties apply.

Protect your Company, Avoid Bad Press, and Keep your Customers
Several dealerships have received unnecessary press due to unknowingly purchasing and selling stolen vehicles and cloned vehicles.  Click here for the most recent story. Don't become the next story. VINtrack can protect you from most of these scams.

VINtrack recently recovered several H2ís, many Escalades, Denalis, Corvettes, Land Rovers, Jeeps, Chryslers, Toyotas and Fords that looked perfect until scanned with VINtrack!

We recommend the VINtrack Mobile or VINtrack Mobile with Bluetooth for most dealerships and auction yards. If you have your own computers then check out the Bluetooth Laser Scanner with VINtrack.

If you are looking to buy VIN scanners at wholesale pricing, click here or contact us.

Click here for products.

Contact us any time (888) 724-2597, (760) 438-9783, or  contact us at by clicking here.

VINtrack Qualified:
-Qualified customers include: Law enforcement, insurance companies, certain salvage companies, motor vehicle departments, automobile dealerships, FBI, United States and Canadian Customs, NICB, certain auto auctions, auto theft task forces and others involved in auto theft and fraud prevention and detection. If you are not sure if you qualify, contact or email us by clicking here.

Purchase VINtrack:
-If qualified, VINtrack comes loaded onto your Mobile device occupying an open SD or CF slot. It can be purchased separately starting at $445.00 by clicking here. Contact us for additional info.

Quotes from VINtrack users: "VINtrack is an invaluable tool", "This is the best system we have ever used", "We recovered a stolen vehicle within the first week of use", "Their support is awesome", "This was some of the best training we have ever received", "We tried many other scanners and their systems and support were the best".

*Prices subject to change without notice.

NOTE: We are value added solution providers. Please contact us if you have different needs as we do not list all of our solutions on this web site.

Read about Mike Bender in the New York Times by clicking here. Mike Bender Auto Theft Expert & Stolen Vehicle Expert

Socket Mobile Increases Deployments of Cordless Hand Scanner for Stolen Vehicle Tracking ~ Extends partnership with Bender Enterprises to meet growing demand for vehicle theft detection solution, Read Press Release.


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