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If you investigate, inspect, or buy vehicles, you need VINtrack

VINtrack is the only web-based software that can catch Counterfeit, Cloned, or Stolen vehicles that other databases can't! Just log into VINtrack, scan with our laser barcode VIN scanners, and view the data instantly as pictured below.

Screenshot from VINtrack WebService: Decodes VIN, Checks for Counterfeiting and Fraudulent VIN's and Federal Safety Labels, and checks for Active Liens!

VIN scan lien

Our laser scanners are not dependant on lighting and position like cell phone scanning VIN applications. (However, we do have laser scanners that work with Android and the iPhone)

VINtrack Web Service




VINtrack-Webservice allows you to scan directly into our website and decode the VIN while checking for VIN validity, counterfeiting, and if there are any current liens on the vehicle.

View above screen shot for details.

VINtrack webservice renewal or Purchase is $375.00 per year.
(based on use*)

(item #VINweb)

Contact us prior to purchase to confirm availabilty

opticon h21
VIN scanner comes with everything you need

Free Leather Case with VIN scanner


QWERTY or Numeric keypad

vin scanner

VINtrack-Live is more than just a VIN barcode scanner. This VIN scanner ships with one year of the VINtrack webservice which is the only VIN scanning barcode program in the world that catches counterfeits and clones with its unique database. To log into the web service you need a WIFI, hot spot, or data plan connection.

Additionally you have the option to scan directly into your Stolen Vehicle Systems, NCIC, Claims databases, CarFax or your in-house systems. This rugged (IP64 5' drop to concrete) Business Class SmartPhone VIN Scanner, with built-in 3.2 megapixel color camera. Scan the VIN and watch it appear in your system.

VINtrack-Live is not dependant on lighting conditions and is lightening fast compared to built-in phone camera scanners.


Recently several more stolen vehicles were purchased, and then sold, by automobile dealerships. Several of the stolen vehicles numbers were changed and appeared perfect to the eye. Click here for more or download How VINtrack Works by clicking here.

Click Here for the Specs and more information. For scanner comparisons click here.

VINtrack-Live $899.00* ($1,395 MSRP)

Buy VINtrack-Live now for just $899.00 plus shipping (item #VLIVE) Contact us first if you are outside the US for pricing. One year VINtrack webservice is included for law enforcement or other qualified buyers


Contact us first if you are outside the US for pricing. Shipping times are approximately 10 business days, If time is critical, contact us first.
All sales final, no returns, 2 year limited warranty on parts and labor.

al319 obd vin




VINtrack EZ OBD (Item #EZOBD)

This OBD VIN CAN reader displays the full VIN on one line as well as displays DTC definitions on screen. EZOBD can access multiple modules to find the VIN (such as Ford/Mazda). It also solves the LINK ERROR or VIN communication problems other readers have with Honda/Acura/VW and will pull VINs that others can't. One-Click I/M Readiness Key, TFT color display, and built in speaker. Work with ALL 1996 and newer vehicles (OBD II, EOBD, & CAN) domestic and import. State Emission Monitor Status for I/M readiness to show if monitors have passed for Drive Clean Programs. Complete manual click here

VINtrack users guide, OBD manual, USB connector for free online updates, and free DTC Library software included. It is powered by the vehicle which assists in determining if there are any blown fuses on first inspection.

With all purchase from us you will receive unlimited free technical support.

Read more about the EZOBD VIN reader and its limits by clicking here. 

Just wanted to tell you that Detective Matt let me use one of your OBD readers today to assist me in identifying a stolen/recovered vehicle.  One use of this tool and I was sold, and I purchased one this evening. 

Shipping times vary from 5-10 days, If time is critical, contact us first.

Canadian Orders Click Below to Purchase
One Click State Emission Monitor Status for I/M readiness to show if monitors have passed for Drive Clean Programs.

Shipping to Canada costs an additional $36.99 for a total of $96.94



Scan into iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry...

opn 2002


VINtrack Pocket Laser Scanner (Item #OPN2005)

The OPN 2005 is our extremely affordable Bluetooth scanner that works with Bluetooth enabled devices such as the iPAD, iPhone iOs, Blackberry, PC and Mac... This scanner eliminates the problems experienced with built-in Phone camera/scanners. It is not dependant on lighting and is very quick.

This scanner is designed for simple scanning. It can be worn around the neck with the supplied lanyard or kept in your pocket or purse, it fits into a pocket or on a keychain and weighs only one ounce. You can scan into your software application or use it in batch mode and store over 25,000 scans. Supports Secure Simple Pairing in both HID and SPP Bluetooth profiles for added flexibility

  • Charge via supplied mini-USB cable or optional 10-bay cradle
  • Bluetooth communications as Serial Port Profile or HID
  • 7 hour battery life
  • Free SDK available to give you the option to customize scanning behavior
  • Industry best 2-year warranty



Shipping times vary from 5-10 days, If time is critical, contact us first.



honeywell 2d


Watch a video on 2D scanning

2D honeywell


VINtrack 2D/1D USB Scanner (Item #USB2D)
Reads linear (1D VIN), stacked linear, and 2D bar codes. This will scan the 2D codes commonly found on vehicles and used for parts marking, as well as titles, drivers licenses, and registrations. Symbologies include: 1D 39, 128; 2D PDF417, Matrix, Maxicode and many others (We have had good success scanning GM VINs through glass in the right conditions). Featuring a custom sensor that is optimized for bar code scanning with industry-leading performance and reliability.

American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA) upgrade software available to scan driver's licenses and titles.

Just plug it in and let Windows Discover it. Your application program does not need to know anything about reading bar codes. You can configure the reader to send certain keystrokes before and after the bar code to move the cursor to the right place. The actual bar code is sent by simulating a human typist. Watch a video on 2D scanning.


32 to 122F
Storage: -40 to 158F
5 year warranty

Can withstand up to 50 drops to concrete from distances as high as 6 feet



Comprehensive Book

Mike Bender Auto Theft Expert & Stolen Vehicle Expert

The Fast, the Fraudulent & the Fatal

Nearly 200 pages covering all aspects of illegal street racing, stunt riding, drifting, and the modified vehicle scene. Auto theft and fraud run rampant in this scene and this book provides all the tools necessary to prevent theft and fraud as well as save lives.

Click here for more information or to Purchase.

Mike Bender Auto Theft Expert & Stolen Vehicle Expert

Additional scanning solutions are avail be: Including DataLogics Memor which has the ability to scan all barcodes including the new VW VIN label.

If you qualify, choose the package or item's you wish to purchase below and click the Buy Now button. Call for shipping costs if using a purchase order.

We inspect, program and charge every system before it is shipped to you. We are always available for technical support to assist you in every way.

*All pricing and products are subject to change without notice. Shipping prices are for the United States only. Call for shipping costs if using a purchase order. Contact us for additional rates outside of the USA; not responsible for outside countries duty charges. All sales final, no returns. Warranties apply.

Bender Enterprises Inc. makes buying systems easy as we charge, program all items, load all software and ensure everything works right out of the box prior to shipping. IT departments and end-users love us.

Quotes from VINtrack users: "VINtrack is an invaluable tool", "This is the best system we have ever used", "We recovered a stolen vehicle within the first week of use", "Their support is awesome", "This was some of the best training we have ever received", "We tried many other scanners and their systems and support were the best".


All Sales Final, no returns
VINtrack-Live; 2 year limited warranty on parts and labor.
     32 °F to 113 °F in operation
     14 °F to 140 °F in storage
VINtrack OBD; 1-year limited warranty; software support ongoing          
VINtrack EZ OBD; 1-year limited warranty
VINtrack EZ Full VIN OBD; 1-year limited warranty
VINtrack Basic Attached Scanner; 1-year limited warranty
     -4 F to 140F
VINtrack Bluetooth Scanner; 1-year limited warranty
     32 F to 122 F
     Drop Specification 4 ft to concrete

VINtrack Bluetooth 2D/1D; 1-year limited warranty
    Operating temps: 32F - +104F
    Storage temps:    14F - +140F
VINtrack Basic PDA; 1-year limited warranty: Extended warranties are available on select products.
     23 °F to 113 °F in operation
     -4 °F to 140 °F in storage

Returns for defective equipment must be approved and occur within one week before a replacement item will be sent. No other returns allowed.

We are Strategic Vertical Integrators for Socket Communications as well as Solution Partners with Symbol. We offer many other technology solutions than those featured here, and have wholesale pricing if you are just interested in scanners without the VINtrack function. To compare these some of these prices click here.

Contact us for more information or to become a VINtrack distributor.

Our goal has always been to provide the best and most affordable solutions to the industry. If you have found better solutions let us know and most likely we can offer them to you at a reduced cost.


Bender Enterprises Inc. uses the best PDAs, scanning products and engines available. That is why we are a Strategic Vertical Integrator for Socket Communications Inc., a Partner Select for Symbol Technologies and a Business Development Partner for HP.



Contact us any time(760) 438-978, (888) 724-2597, or  contact us at by clicking here.

Bender Enterprises Inc offers custom solutions and training...(more)

Read about Mike Bender in the New York Times by clicking here.

Socket Mobile Increases Deployments of Cordless Hand Scanner for Stolen Vehicle Tracking ~ Extends partnership with Bender Enterprises to meet growing demand for vehicle theft detection solution, Read Press Release.



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VINtrack Software recovers another stolen the first day in use in Mexico, read more...


VINtrack is the only software that can catch a counterfeit or cloned vehicle even if the VIN is correctly displayed.

vin barcode




Enter a VIN above for Access to More than 40 Million Junk, Salvage & Insurance Total Loss Records




Top Ten
Most Stolen Vehicles Historically 

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