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If you investigate, inspect, or buy vehicles, you need VINtrack!

VINtrack is the only standalone software that can catch Counterfeit, Clone, or Stolen vehicles when other databases can't!

With the new VINtrack-Live you can also capture VINs directly into your computer program such as: NADA, KBB, InstaVIN, CarFax, ISO, NCIC, SVS, DMV, AutoCheck, BlackBook, Manheim, NICB...

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VINtrack-Live VIN Scanner
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VINtrack is the only barcode VIN software that can catch a counterfeit vehicle! Millions of stolen vehicles are going through commerce undetected. VINtrack can detect them and prevent further losses with a simple scan of the barcode...



Windows Mobile 6.5 SmartPhone barcode VIN scanner, Bluetooth Wireless & Attached VIN Scanners. We use the newest devices and for dependability and expandability.

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iPad, iPhone, Blackberry & Smart Phone barcode VIN Scanners. Scan directly into your phone ...(more)


OBD ECU VIN & data readers
Diagnose and identify vehicles....(more)

vinscanner Car Buyers, Automotive Dealerships, Auction...
Protect your business from unknowingly accepting stolen vehicles or cloned vehicles in trade while streamlining inventory. Scan directly into CarFax, NADA, KBB, MMR, AutoCheck...

New VIN barcode scanners that work with iPad, iPhone, Smart Phones and BlackBerry's.... (more)

VINtrack VINtrack™ Webservice
VINtrack is the only web-based software that can catch Counterfeit, Cloned, or Stolen vehicles... (more)

1900 honeywell

VINtrack 1D/2D scanners
This laser scanner can decode 1D and 2D Data Matrix barcodes directly into your laptop or PC ...(more)


Auto Theft & Fraud Training
Subject Matter Expert offers 21st Century Training, Consultation, Investigations in stolen vehicle detection/prevention...(more)

Mike Bender Auto Theft Expert, Stolen Vehicle Expert, Expert Testimony, File Review, Subject Matter Expert (SME): Auto Theft, Fraud, Vehicle Identification, Transponder Bypass, Immobilizer Defeat.... (more)

We provide state-of-the-art barcode VIN scanners, auto theft and fraud training; As well as SIU investigative support and expert testimony.

Bender Enterprises Inc offers custom solutions and training...(more)

Bender Enterprises Inc. uses the best PDAs, scanning products and engines available. That is why we are a Strategic Vertical Integrator for Socket Communications Inc., a Partner Select for Symbol Technologies and a Business Development Partner for HP.

Read about Mike Bender in the New York Times by clicking here.

        HP Partner

NOTE: Contact us any time (760) 438-9783, or email us by clicking here.

Bender Enterprises Inc offers custom solutions and training...(more)



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Top Ten Most Stolen Vehicles
Click Here: Historically 

VINtrack Software recovers another stolen the first day in use in Mexico, read more...

VINtrack is the only software that can catch a counterfeit vehicle even if the VIN is correctly displayed as pictured below!

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Enter a VIN above for Access to More than 40 Million Junk, Salvage & Insurance Total Loss Records


The Fast, the Fraudulent & the Fatal Available Now, just $19.99

eBook now available for $3.99

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How to Identify, Investigate, Prevent and Stop Illegal Street Racing and related Auto Theft and Fraud for less than $20.00!

Stop Illegal Street Racing, Drifting and Stunting while saving lives and recovering stolen property.


VINtrack™ offers the only software solution in the world that helps to protect those involved in inspecting, buying or selling vehicles by verifying the integrity of its identifying data...(more).

VINtrack™ uses VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)  barcode scanning and OBD/ECU interrogator solutions to assist in identify stolen vehicles... (more).

Homeland Security

There are over four hundred thousand un-recovered stolen vehicles on our streets at any given time. VINtrack™ systems have been proven throughout North America and in Europe in fighting vehicle theft and fraud by locating these stolen vehicles.